"Well… Here we are… Our own little slice of heaven.
Here a man can live free, (relatively speaking of course).

Sure it doesn’t look like much, wasteland, ruins and dust as far as the eye can see.

There are Leylines and Nexus’ all around causing us no small amount of problems.

Bandits, Mutants and invading Dee-Bees are always making trouble. The ruins of the city are pretty much a death-trap for the unprepared.

Just living out here is pretty tough, food and water need to be rationed for the good of the community.

But the Coalition don’t come out here much. Hell nobody comes out here much.

So we’ve managed to stay out of sight of the big guys and their wars raging across Rifts-Earth.

And unlike most of the bigger city states we’re a little more accepting around here, we’ve attracted people from all walks of life and worlds into our fold.

Yep… It may not look like much, but it’s home and it’s ours.

Welcome to Paradise junior, I think you’re gonna fit in just fine."

Welcome to Paradise

Stygianheart Welcome to paradise